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TapTap Taxi
TapTap Taxi
TapTap Taxi
TapTap Taxi


PhaserJS is the go-to HTML5 game development framework nowadays and we'll explore the many aspects of Phaser, by creating a game called TapTapTaxi.



Learn to create games using the technologies you love. Whether you're a beginner, or an experienced game developer, PhaserJS is the right choice for you.

Isometric Game

Isometric Game

Learn the mechanics & formulas behind an isometric game, using interactive demos & slides. We won't skip on any details.

We heard you like addictive games

Learn to create this entire TapTapTaxi game in PhaserJS.
Create random buildings & green strips and make your player fall in love.

Create animations

Learn PhaserJS the right way

Your players will thank you later.

Isometric Game Mechanics

Isometric Game Mechanics

Learn the mechanics & formulas behind an isometric game, using interactive demos & slides. Hittest using the distance formula, calculate the angle of the road & movement, make the taxi move on isometric tiles & more!

Course Features

2.5 hours video

This course features over 2.5 hours of video lectures, where we explain every single detail on how to create our TapTapTaxi game.

Written lectures

If you prefer written lectures over video lectures, fear not! Every lecture has both video and written content.

All assets included

All assets needed are included, so no need to worry about that. On top of that, you're free to use these assets in any project!

Cross-device compatibility

PhaserJS is not only simple & easy to learn, but it's cross-device compatible. You can publish to Android, iOS and Windows Phone with no extra effort.

Email support

There's no thing worse than being stuck on a bug and not finding the solution. That's why we offer email support on any issues you're having.

Full source included

We provide you with the full source of the project, as well as the result of every lecture, so you're always in sync with the lectures.

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